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Introduction: Garden Journals

The class is in full swing and we have been busy!

This past week included an introduction to the garden site in the Fenway Victory Gardens, a handy compost-building workshop, and a delicious meal at Casa Romero (just to name a few of our activities thus far).

All the students are now posting Garden Journal entries to their group blogs, so please visit each of their blogs by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page!



Introduction: Garden Topics

We couldn’t have asked for more glorious weather here in Boston for the first day of the Urban Agriculture course, even if we aren’t gardening outside just yet! The students will be formally introduced to their garden plots next week.

Today is about getting started:

As an introduction to our Garden Topics page, please visit this link to the Basic Garden Care post that is intended to provide resources for basic garden care as it relates to urban agriculture. There is a category for the Garden Topics page on the home page. The student groups will take turns preparing garden topic posts with a list of annotated web links for more information.

It’s Urban Garden Time!

Welcome to the Urban Agriculture course at Boston University. We are part of the Masters in Liberal Arts in Gastronomy program, which is a multidisciplinary approach to the study of food. This space was created to share what we are learning as we learn about what it means to grow food in the city.

Growing food in urban contexts raises interesting questions about food access, nutrition education, perceptions of public spaces and the place of nature in the urban environment. This course, which begins at the end of May, will focus on urban agriculture in Boston and a number of case studies from around the globe.

Throughout the course, students will visit gardens, learn basic cultivation skills through hands-on activities, study the social and cultural sides of urban agriculture, as well as the political and city planning aspects of urban ag projects.

There are four gardening groups with their own sites, which can be accessed on our homepage. We welcome you to visit each garden group’s site and join us as we get our hands dirty with urban agriculture!