Foraging for Flowers, Searching out Secrets

by Kelsey Laws

At the garden plot, I keep getting the urge to dig up the Johnny jump-ups growing through the cracks between the walkway stones and adding them to our group garden patch. I can’t quite bring myself to do it, because I still feel like I’m on borrowed land, but I’m not sure it would be wrong. They don’t belong to anyone’s plot in particular.  And while they may not be terribly productive as a source of food, they are edible, like the few other flowers I’ve planted in our garden.

In gardens I tend to be drawn more to the flowers than to the vegetables. I like that they’re beautiful, of course, but I also like the way a showy bloom may have hidden uses. I like knowing what flowers I can eat, because almost anybody can figure out a bean or a pumpkin, or a head of lettuce if it grows long enough, but it’s like I know a secret.

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